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Scaramella: Musica Secreta

  • University of Toronto: Victoria Chapel 91 Charles Street West Toronto, ON, M5S 1K5 Canada (map)

In 1579, Duke Alfonso II of Ferrara brought his new bride, Margherita of Gonzaga, to the Este court at Ferrara. Knowing that this union was likely his last chance to produce a male heir and thereby secure his dynastic succession, Alfonso worked to create a luxurious atmosphere suitable for entertaining and beguiling his fifteen-year-old wife with an ensemble of singers and instrumentalists who gave private concerts just for the household and their invited guests. We will recreate an evening entertainment from the Este court, with specialist singers who incorporate stylistically appropriate physical and facial gestures to bring to life the full meaning of the text.

Margaret Carpenter Haigh, soprano
Sarah Coffman, soprano
MaryRuth Lown, soprano

Joëlle Morton, viola bastarda
Esteban La Rotta, lute and guitar
Nicolas Haigh, harpsichord

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